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Glass Buildings

General Motors Goal Zero

Industry Project | 24 hour cross-disciplinary hackathon

Goal Zero: To achieve a world with zero emissions, zero crashes, zero congestion. As we move toward an inclusive, electric, and autonomous future, how might we design tools to support this safer, greener, more equitable world for everybody?

Reasons for not owning an EV.png

Why don't people buy EVs?


  • The US government set a target of 50%  electric vehicle sales share by 2030

  • However, there are only 43,000 charging stations for 1,100,000 electric vehicles in the country. 

  • Range anxiety and scarce charging stations are the major reasons why people don't by EVs.

How Might We...

improve current and prospective EV users' travel experience so that they feel confident and well-supported in their vehicle ownership?


John Martin

Age 39, California

Occupation: Web Developer

Car: Chevrolet Bolt EV / White

"Accessible and electric is the future, but we don't have enough charging stations out there for all us EV users."

  • looking for a charging station in an unfamiliar area is difficult

  • worries about whether he has enough power to reach his destination

Glass Buildings

Our team decided to focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs), and how to provide a digital solution to support customers of GM. We did so by targeting two of the the top three reasons that people were worried about the purchase and ownership of EVs: range anxiety and a lack of local chargers

The app aims to allow users:

  • intuitive navigation to charging stations near them

  • to profit off their own charging station

  • to view their car's condition & analytics easily

Iteration Process

Version 1: directly message a charger owner to set up a session.

Version 2: book a charging session on the charger owner's calendar.

Next Steps

  • Conduct user testing to refine and iterate the existing flow

  • Implement research and feedback from users to build out app flows

  • Add more features to the app

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